Hi! Welcome to our blog! This blog was created to keep our family and friends (old and new) IN THE LOOP... no matter where we are, you will be able to keep up with the Gonzalez'.

We will keep you guys IN THE LOOP about our travels, up coming projects, our passions, discoveries and what we are learning along the way. So thanks for stopping by and stay tuned as we are
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  • 📍West Hollywood #Midweek ||
    The first of many…. #OccupyingAllCoffeeShops

    WELCOME HOME! #HillsongLA
    (at Coffee Commissary)

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  • "You have within you more love than you could ever understand."
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  • bethelmusic Music - Come To Me ft Jenn Johnson 

  • Odessa Rose - My Match

  • DARLING DINNER NO. 5: A RECAP by @mercedescurran and images via @milenamallory||

    @darlingmagazine , This blog post brought back so many great memories. Thank you again for putting together an evening filled with inspiration, 😋 yummy food🍴 and authentic conversation. ||
    #DarlingDinners #LifeBackInLA #DaysToRemember (at

  • {Sunday 7.27.14} Overwhelmed that I get to serve alongside some remarkable world changers who have a huge heart to serve this city. Including that handsome fellow in the black shooting video.

    @wellington_g Babe, It is truly an honor to build God’s house together! I can’t say it enough…I am so proud of you. I love you! #HillsongLA #DaysToRemember (at Balasco Theater)

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  • "You are part of God’s eternal plans that go from generation to generation. What God is wanting to build in your life goes well beyond yourself." ~ @briancharleshouston ||


  • A documentary short on the inspiring story of Justin Hopman, a man who turned his life around against all odds and found his health again through the love of his wife and the Crossfit Community.